Hunted (Blessed by the Moon Book 1) -

Demons are hunting me.

You know the old adage: wrong place, wrong time? That’s my problem.

When a freeloader dines and dashes at the bar where I wait tables, I run after him, demanding he pay his bill. Trouble is, I’m not the only one chasing him. By the time I catch up — in a dark, secluded alley — the freeloader is dead. Murdered by creatures that exist only in the grimmest fairy tales.

Bad news: monsters are real and now they want me dead.
Good news: Sexy-as-sin alpha werewolf, Aidan McSmith, takes me under his protection while he investigates the fellow werewolf’s death.

As we learn more about the murder, dodging demons, enemy werewolves, and a dark sorcerer, we unravel a bigger conspiracy that threatens to tear apart Aidan’s pack. And take my life.

Time to master my magic and fight back the monsters!

A kickass urban fantasy with slow burn romance. Perfect for fans of Linsey Hall, Veronica Douglas and K.F. Breene

Hunted (Blessed by the Moon Book 1)