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Welcome to my favorite page where I discuss and share the books I liked and enjoyed. I’ll start with the most recent I’ve read.

The Book Thef


This book became quite popular because of the movie adaptation.

I watched half of it and it touched me so much I decided to give the book a go. Except I grasped that in order to be a good writer one has to read a lot. Not just watching movies and TV shows but actually read fiction as well because scenes and characters on the screen are one thing but in a book they are entirely different. Essentially a story is a story and it touches us no matter how presented but in a book it’s so much stronger. Maybe because everything is built up entirely on the words but now I can feel it for myself. >>>

The Immortal Circus (Cirque des Immortels) by A.R. Kehler

The immortal circus

This was not a typical book. The story follows a circus, its owner, the powerful witch Mab and a girl named Vivienne who thinks she is >>>