Goddess SaraswatiCreativity is very important tool in our odd age and from my personal experiences it has helped me a lot and continues to do so. In the Hindu tradition creativity and all forms of art are usually associated with the Goddess Saraswati. She is serene and dressed in white. In the one hand she holds a veena (a musical instrument), in the other hand she has a book and in the third one – a rosary. According to Gurus, our age, the nuclear age, is going to be Saraswati’s age.

Saraswati doesn’t only give us knowledge and wisdom inspiring the humanity to appreciate the different arts. She is that refined energy that transforms the logical reasoning and knowledge into pure experience, vijnana.

It is not accidental that next after the Creator, Brahman, comes Saraswati as she is symbolically both his daughter and wife. The mind, learnings and all arts come from the mind, Brahman and at the same time are equal with the mind, they coexist together.

Recently I found this video thanks to my fellow guubai Shantanu: