Cover Reveals! First look at Aaron in Sinland

I do really like the covers of Alice in Sinland and Aaron in Sinland. I think they capture the mood and vibe of the series very well.

Today, I’m revealing the cover of the prequel to Alice in Sinland, Aaron in Sinland.

Cover Reveals! First look at Aaron in Sinland

Here’s the temporary description:

Aaron Chasin is a 30-something failed British indie musician. He wants to be a respected and successful A&R rep — to discover and promote new musical talents and turn them into superstars. What stands in his way are his own demons: his alcoholism, his anger, and a long-forgotten childhood trauma. Aaron must face his fears or his happiness, health, and well-being are at stake. Things change drastically for him when he meets the enigmatic Tantric Guru Shankar Govinda, who initiates Aaron into a new and exciting world of occult spirituality.

But is it the answer to his prayers or a whole new nightmare?

What do YOU think?

Let me know in the comments. As you probably guessed, I LOVE these covers. Aaron in Sinland will be published end of July/beginning of August.

Cover Reveals! First look at Aaron in Sinland
  • Aniko Carmean

    I also like the covers of Alice/Aaron in Sinland. In particular, I like it that the outline of Aaron’s guitar approximates the curve of a scythe or sickle. Is it intentional? Could he be a Grim Reaper? I also find it interesting that you cannot see Aaron’s face. The choice to have him turned away from us is intriguing.


    • Antara Man

      No, it wasn’t intentional but it totally makes sense since there’s a masan sadhana (meditation on the burial ground at midnight) in the book.