Shadow Walker (The Nephilim Legacy) Book 2 -


Cheating Death is not easy, but I’m damned if I fail!

A few months ago I thwarted Drogo’s sinister plan for world domination. Lucky me! I am finally out of the closet and not afraid of my magic. The Council is about to offer me a high-paying job as a mercenary, and a sexy archangel has the hots for me.

Then two senior shifters disappear. What’s worse, someone is after Leia, my magical skull. I have to protect her at all costs or the supernatural peace we enjoy is at stake. Thank magic, my favorite archangels and gods can help me with that.

But keeping Leia safe is only one of my worries. An old enemy is stalking me from the shadows, planning his next move. Evil knows no boundaries and gets more wicked by the second.

Remind me, how did I end up fighting for my life?

Note: The two archangels and two gods are definitely sexy, but this series isn’t a reverse harem. It’s a fast-paced, fun and sassy urban fantasy adventure.


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Shadow Walker (The Nephilim Legacy) Book 2