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The Book Thief: This book became quite popular because of the movie adaptation.


I watched half of it and it touched me so much I decided to give the book a go. Apart from that, I grasped that in order to be a good writer one has to read a lot. Not just watching movies and TV shows but actually read fiction as well because scenes and characters on the screen are one thing but in a book they are entirely different. Essentially a story is a story and it touches us no matter how presented but in a book it’s so much stronger. Maybe because everything is built up entirely on the words but now I can feel it for myself.
So, I needed to read good books. I thought The Book Thief was a good fit and I turned out right. The story follows the childhood and young adolescence of Liesel Meminger – a foster kid whose parents were Communists and disappeared (her mother left her in her new home and then the Nazis probably caught her). Liesel is quite an extraordinary child – she can’t read at first but she likes the books so much that she begins to steal them. The first book she steals is from her brother’s grave the second is on the bonfire the Nazi party organizes in order to burn all Jewish books or books containing positive descriptions of Jews. Later on, Liesel acquaintances the grieving buergermeister’s wife where she reads books or steals them. Rudi Stener – the vivid boy next door (sometimes called Jessie Owens because he painted himself black with mud in honor of his favorite athlete) – is always with her during her thieveries.. The Book Thief cannot be described, it must be read. At the end I wanted to cry about Rudi’s death. However, as a writer, what impressed me most was Death’s narration. The book starts quite extraordinarily and it caught all my attention. The Death narrates about dying people, the color of the sky, etc and I loved it because it was different and so exciting.
I liked the narration from Death’s point of view and, as a real artist, I already stole that “hack” and will adapt it to my own voice and psyche/spirit. You can purchase the book here.

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The Book Thief
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