The secret of fear that no one will tell you

Fear… ugh! The four letter word that everybody’s afraid of. We are a generation that constantly worries about our good income, health, children, parents… Maybe there’s even some portion of fear that’s illogical like phobias or anxiety which at first you wouldn’t even confess. But these unhealthy fears simply don’t disappear and sooner or later you’ll find yourself searching for a solution. Do you have such experiences? Have you tried everything to get rid of fears that yet persistently stay inside you as if they were a part of your being? Then you might ask yourself: “What to do?”

I’ll advise you aloud “Stop suppressing or trying to avoid the fear! Please, do not kill it!” There’s only one way to overcome fear and it’s to face it bravely. Try as often as possible to do things you have a particular fear of. If you have fear of airplanes – fly on one. If you’re afraid of dogs – walk by one on the road. Maybe the first time you won’t succeed. Maybe even you’ll need a few more attempts but you must keep trying. Once a fear is faced, it loses its obsessing potential. From my own fear experience and it’s not little, the more you try to flee from fears, the more you bump into them. As if the whole universe had conspired to point out all of your secret phobias and obsessions despite your unwillingness to face them. And if you don’t do it, it won’t get better. You’ll continue living a half life. You’ll be locked inside the box of your own mental prison wondering how to get out while the solution lies in the problem itself.

Of course, our society and educational system teach us not to be afraid, to let go of fears. As Franklin Roosevelt once said: “…the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. But life’s not black and white and sometimes you cannot dispose unilaterally of the things existing in nature. As long as there’s light, there’ll be darkness – the duality principle. Maybe you’ll start doing yoga, meditation… You’ll read all those New Age books with slogans and mantras like: “Think positively”, “There’s nothing to be afraid of” and so on, and so forth. Please, don’t get me wrong. These slogans are very good and all true but they can’t cure your fear by suggesting that you only think positively.

For years I have tried to avoid my dark side until one day, I learned from my spiritual master, that fear should not be cured or suppressed. In order to be eliminated it has to be exploded. Bam! Just like a nuclear bomb inside your mind. For instance, do you know how а nuclear weapon is created? The scientists separate and split different elements by which vast energy is released from relatively small amounts of matter. In the same way, when one faces a powerful energy such as fear and is able to split the fear and materialize it in front of oneself, an inner explosion occurs. This nuclear explosion is no other but the actual awakening of Kundalini. Your whole mind becomes the fear and you’re able to see it face to face as reality. No matter if the fear takes the shape of a ghost, a skeleton or a walking dead man. The main thing is to let it come. Of course, this is not an easy task and in order to live the whole experience without destroying your mind and personality thus ending up in a mental house, a proficient master (or guru) is a must.

Now you can see why negative qualities such as fears, worries, obsessions, passions, etc. are not in fact bad for you. They are the uprising forces which need to be channeled wisely and properly so that they serve a higher purpose.

In conclusion, I will cite the two main principles of tantra, a spiritual science focusing on the release of energy and expansion of the mind: “One must rise by that by which one falls” and “the very poison that kills becomes the elixir of life when used by the wise.”

I suggest to all of you, the next time when you encounter a fear, face it. Do not resist it! Mind you it is safer to have a teacher, a genuine guru on your way to show you how to transform your personal limitations. 

I wish you deeply that 2014 is the year when you overcome your fears.

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The secret of fear that no one will tell you
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