Possessed (Demon Marked Book 1) -

Welcome to the post-apocalyptic USA, where angels are at the top of the food chain and demons are at the bottom.

My name is Ashadha Matthews and I am a paranormal detective. Or so everyone thinks. The truth is I hide a dangerous secret: I am a half-demon. I’ve spent most of my life trying to keep this hidden from the Angelica Order, but when a client’s husband is murdered by demons, it gets harder to hide.

If the gorgeous angel detective stops flirting with me long enough to discover that I have demoniacal magic inside me, he will kill me. But I know better than to fall for his charms. When the investigation takes a strange turn, I find myself confronted by the Brotherhood of the Serpent, and they don’t take “no” for an answer.

Maybe I should reconsider my priorities and team up with the sexy angel.
Like I couldn’t be more screwed up, right?

Possessed is the first in the Demon Marked trilogy. It’s got enemies to lovers, fated mates, and a feisty independent heroine, who can’t help but fall in love with the hero.

Possessed (Demon Marked Book 1)
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