How to make a man love you without even trying? -

3 easy to follow steps

The love and affection between Shiva and Shakti is central in tantric scriptures and Sundarya Lahari

The love and affection between Shiva and Shakti is central in tantric scriptures and Sundarya Lahari

Well, the truth is, the less you do, the better. If they like you, then that’s it. If they don’t, they won’t change their minds only because of the make-up you put or because of that short super sexy skirt you bought especially for that purpose.

There’s chemistry and each and everyone in this universe is subject of interaction, repulsion and attraction. The laws of physics apply at full strength to the subject of love as well. We attract people in our life, like it or not. The big question is how to attract the right kind of people – the guys (or gals) you desire to be with without pretending you’re someone or something you’re actually not. Have you ended up numerous times with the type of men you downright dislike and even the thought of dating them wouldn’t cross your mind? Are you tired of questioning yourself why you are always sending away the kind of guys you like? Is the problem in them? Or is it just you?

There’s a proper explanation and scientific reasons for everything, including your love misfortune. Probably, I am one of the “love experts” with plenty of bad romance experiences. And that’s why I am so credible – I know the path of being a loser but also the road to being a winner. They are just the two sides of the same coin.

Here’s what I’ve learnt:
1.Be yourself!
Be authentic, natural and true. Don’t hide anything! The more you show the world your true colors, the more quantity and quality of like-minded people you’ll attract in your life. And if you don’t know who you are, then find out. You may find interesting people on the way. No wonder people are wrong about us when we are not ourselves. It’s logical, we send the wrong signals and we receive the wrong treatment.
In case you’re afraid that being yourself will make men or women stop loving you, that’s a huge mistake. Even if they do, that means they are not meant for you. What I’ve learnt is that men like women who are natural, confident and aware of who they are and what they want. As a rule confidence attracts.
And last but not least, if you don’t like yourself – start doing it from this very second! How do you expect someone else to love you if you don’t love yourself first?
2.  Don’t chase the boys!
Never. Make them wanna chase you. This is vital for all women. Imagine you’ve just had this super awesome date with your dream man. You’ve had fun together, laughed and after you’ve said “goodbye” to each other you keep looking at your watch every hour hoping he’ll call you back. And after a few days, when he hasn’t called you back, you feel desperate. Then you call him thinking he’s busy or tired… or that maybe there has been a flood in his apartment… What a mistake! If a guy wants to call you, he will, even if his house is on fire (of course after he has escaped from it). So, never ever chase a guy.

Be friendly, open and playful. Be mysterious, be an enigma. Men like puzzles and games, so provide them with another one. Be yourself, be confident and be intriguing. “I’ll get you” is not interesting, “I’m hard to get” is.

As for me I can say, I prefer when men are more active but not too aggressive. Enough said.

3. Don’t make any compromises.

If you dislike a certain trait in your partner, speak your mind. Don’t silence or hide major issues. You thought that by keeping your mouth shut makes you more attractive or precious? No such thing. If you don’t like a guy or a girl, then don’t date him/her. Be aware of what you want and feel what the other person can offer you. Don’t cling to people you don’t like only out of fear to stay alone.

Now you see that whatever is inside expresses itself in the outer world too. If you are sophisticated, confident, loving and intriguing person, guys will run all the time after you.

I wish you to be a shining and bright love expert.

May the light inspire you.
How to make a man love you without even trying?
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