Cursed Magic (The Half-Goddess Chronicles Book 3) -


Step up your game or die

Goddess Alexandra Shaw thinks her troubles are over when she comes into her powers, but a moment later she is hit by a terrible curse.

Her mentor’s quick intervention staves off the spread of the dark magic, but this is only a temporary fix, and there’s no knowing when she will succumb to its toxic poison. Only a truly gifted shaman from Yorubaland can fully lift the curse. But in order for Alex to succeed, she’d have to team up with chief demon Kai, and learn to manipulate and control his dark, demonic energy.

While Alex and her boyfriend Kagan search for a cure, a new and deadly type of evil returns to Earth with devastating consequences.

Will Alex be able to fight off the attacks of mystical shamans, ancient monsters, and the Yoruba gods, and once again stop her archenemy, the inferni, from launching a magical revolution?

Cursed Magic is a fast-paced urban fantasy adventure featuring a kick-ass heroine, a hot fae, mystery, and lots of magic.

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Cursed Magic (The Half-Goddess Chronicles Book 3)
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