A Tale about a Man, the Destiny and the Death -

… or “whatever is meant to happen will happen”

Once, a traveller approached a fortune teller on the road on his way to Mecca. She predicted that on the next day he was to die in Mecca. The man, very frightened, turned in a rush towards Medina. When he entered the city, Death took him saying: “Do you know, yesterday I saw you in Mecca and I thought to myself: How strange! Why am I seeing this man today in Mecca when I have to take his life tomorrow in Medina?”

This story perfectly illustrates the inevitability of destiny. No matter what one does or doesn’t do, “what’s for you will not pass you by” as Roisin Murphy from Moloko sings.
People often argue “Then, what? To sit and wait God to perform our duties?”
Here comes the whole mistake. I am not telling you to do nothing and wait for the Higher power to do your work. I am saying, if God wants you to achieve or to be something, you will have to make an effort, because He would want it that way. If He doesn’t want you to become something, then no matter how much you try, it will be pointless.

A Tale about a Man, the Destiny and the Death
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