🌌🌛 🌠Cover Reveals! First look at Cursed Magic 🌌 -

Hi there,
I hope this finds you well and ready for some kickass news on my part.

The cover of Cursed Magic — the next book in the Half-Goddess series — is finished and here! Pretty badass, isn’t it?

I and my developmental editor are working on the book and soon I’ll send the manuscript to my copy-editor.

So, Alex’s adventures are continuing! Stay tuned! This time they’ll be on African ground and the Yoruba gods and religion will play an important role in the novel.

African mythology and folklore are pretty exciting and when I researched about African monsters, I was delighted when I stumbled upon the legendary monster Impundulu

🌌🌛 🌠Cover Reveals! First look at Cursed Magic 🌌